Long-term protection eliminates repetitive taping;
neck band adjusts for changing conditions

B&B StabilTube is a long term endotracheal tube holder solution. The StabilTube is specifically designed to eliminate repetitive taping and is intended for use as an immediate tracheal tube holder and stabilization device. The StabilTube is a pre-cut, non-irritating foam, adhesive endotracheal tube holder that protects the upper lip and skin across the cheek area. The adjustable, flexible Velcro neck band accommodates changes in patient’s condition and positioning to allow for change in neck size without the need for re-taping. The StabilTube is latex free and made of hypo-allergenic materials with superior holding power to ensure the stability of the endotracheal tube and minimize the incidence of inadvertent extubations. Adhesive skin prep is included in the package to provide added protection against skin breakdown and irritation. A Cable Tie is provided to secure placement of the endotracheal tube and prevent slippage.

B&B recommends the use of the B&B Universal Bite Block or the B&B Bite-Proof Bite Block with the StabilTube to protect the patient’s teeth and prevent the patient from biting on the endotracheal tube. The StabilTube can be used in all critical care units, operating rooms, emergency departments, special procedure units and for transport situations.


  • Pre-cut tape minimizes clinician time for preparation and application
  • Easy and quick application for time sensitive conditions
  • Non absorbent material to reduce tube slippage
  • Readjust with the flexible Velcro neckband for change in patient condition

Cost Effective

  • Prepackaged Kit with needed tools for securing the endotracheal tube
  • Complete package for immediate use includes Tape, Skin Prep and Cable Tie
  • Reduce cost of repeated cloth taping procedures
  • Readjust with the flexible Velcro neckband for change in patient condition


  • Latex Free Solution
  • Minimize Skin Break-down
  • Hypoallergenic materials for fragile skin
  • Enhanced durability for endotracheal tube protection and position


  • Children through Adult Application
  • Oral or Nasal Application
  • Designed for use in the Critical Care Units, Special Procedure Units, Operating Rooms, Emergency Departments and Transport situations
  • Accommodates patients greater than 40 pounds and patients less than 300 pounds
  • Accommodates neck size up to 26 inches (C Collar application)
  • Used for endotracheal tubes 4mm and greater

Ordering Information

11060 StabilTube™ (40/case)

11065 StabilTube™ (20/box)


Part # 11060

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