Endotracheal Tube Holders

Short and long term ET holders eliminate repetitive taping.

Bite Blocks

B&B’s complete system prevents tube biting.

Tracheostomy Security

Stabilize the tracheostomy and prevent inadvertent disconnects

Continuous Nebulizers

The industry’s Gold Standard for continuous nebulization

Infant CPAP and Manifold

Safe, accurate method to deliver infant CPAP

Test Lungs & Accessories

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Hydrocolloid Infant endotreacheal tube holder safely secures, contours to tender skin. B&B Baby Tape Plus™ is a pre-cut endotracheal tube holder made from a non-irritating, latex free hydrocolloid adhesive that […]

Accurate and reliable ventilator flow sensor for monitoring pediatric and adult patients The Accutach is a latex free, hypo-allergenic, ventilator flow sensor device. When placed in the line of the […]

Convenient, cost-effective method to deliver bubble CPAP therapy in neonatal critical care environments The B&B Bubbler is a Bubble CPAP valve that provides a proven method of delivering 0 – […]

Delivers outstanding nebulizer performance with patented Heliox port The HOPE Nebulizer has proven to be a cost effective solution for delivery of continuous medication for the treatment of moderate to […]

Complete kit prevents inadvertent disconnects; stabilizes ventilator circuit and tracheostomy tube The management of the tracheotomized patient supported with mechanical ventilation through a cuffed tracheostomy tube constitutes one of the […]

Prevents ET tube occlusion while biting; protects against pilot balloon rupture Common in the airway management of the intubated patient is the use of an oral airway. Oral airways prevent […]

B&B Medical Technologies is the leading designer of clinically proven endotracheal tube holders, tracheostomy anti-disconnect devices, nebulizers for adult and pediatric patients, and bubble CPAP valves.

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It's More Than tape, It's Baby Tape Plus™

Hydrocolloid Infant endotracheal tube holder safely secures, contours to tender skin.

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