Prevents cord, cable chaos

B&B Wrap-Safe™ provides the solution to the unruly high pressure hose and power cord anarchy found in most departments in hospitals, clinics and extended care areas. The Wrap-Safe is designed to stay on the cord, cable or high pressure hose permanently. The strap is attached to the cord by a snap-rivet; no tools are needed to secure the cord, cable or hose. The cord, cable or hose can be wrapped with the loop side and stuck to the hook side to assure a securely fastened, tangle-free cable, cord or hose ready for transport or storage.


  • Easy To Use
  • Easy and quick application
  • Secure with Hook & Loop cable

Cost Effective

  • Prevent Accidental Cable and Cord Breakage
  • Reduce Cost of Replacement Cables & Cords


  • Cord security to prevent tangles
  • Latex Free Solution
  • Cleaned with Bactericidal Cleaner


  • Accommodates Most Power Cords, Cables and Hoses
  • Designed for use with demonstration of Ventilators in Respiratory Care departments, Clinical Teaching Areas and Biomedical Departments for testing of devices.

Ordering Information

15100 Wrap-Safe™ (100/box)

15010 Wrap-Safe™ (10/pkg)


Part # 15100

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