Sturdy, efficient device stabilizes ventilator connector;
stabilizes in-line suction devices, too

The management of the tracheotomized patient supported with mechanical ventilation through a cuffed tracheostomy tube constitutes one of the clinician’s greatest responsibilities. Most patients that require a tracheostomy will need full to partial ventilatory support. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure adequacy of ventilation for these patients. Primary is the prevention of inadvertent disconnect from the ventilator and stability of the ventilator circuit integrity at the patient interface with the ventilator circuit. The B&B TrachStay provides an easy to use, convenient solution to minimize the potential for patient-ventilator separation.

TrachStay is a highly efficient and sturdy anti-disconnect device that stabilizes the ventilator connector or in-line suction device to prevent inadvertent separation. The device fits adults and children with tracheostomy collars. The TrachStay application is easy and secure, simply threading the collar’s Velcro® loops through the tracheostomy flange openings as usual and then through TrachStay to stabilize the connection. The TrachStay is easy to use and protects against accidental disconnects, cross contamination and maintain ventilation.

The B&B TrachStay is a latex free, anti-disconnect device intended to help prevent accidental disconnects between the tracheostomy tube and ventilator tubing, in-line suction system or other supplemental gas delivery systems.


  • Minimizes therapist time for set up and connection
  • Easy and quick application to all tracheostomy collars

Cost Effective

  • Designed for use in the ICU, Critical Care, PICU
  • Designed for use in Sub Acute, Rehab and Home Care


  • Latex Free, Hypoallergenic materials for fragile skin
  • Assures Trach to Ventilator connection
  • Enhanced durability for security of the circuit and position
  • Reduces potential therapist exposure to contaminated tubing moisture


  • Can be used while intubated and delivery of supplemental oxygen therapy
  • Can be used with trach collars

Ordering Information

11270 TrachStay™ (50/case)


Part # 11270

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