The nCPAP Cap™

Safe method for stabilizing nCPAP circuit with infants < 10kg

Five sizes of nCPAP Caps are available to allow a comfortable fit of the cap for the infants weighing < 10 kg. The nCPAP nasal cannula circuit attaches to the cap with an adjustable clip. The nCPAP Nasal Kit clips attach to the cap with a strip of hook-and-loop material. The adhesive back of the hook-and-loop strip makes it easy to adjust tube position and improved stabilization of nasal prongs and circuit. Each cap packaged with a tie and hook-and-loop strip. The tie allows the option of providing an open or closed cap system to the patient.


  • Complete package with hoop-and-loop strip and tie

Cost Effective

  • Eliminates time consuming tasks normally associated stabilizing nCPAP circuit


  • Accurate 12.5 cm H2O pressure relief for use with patients < 10 kg
  • Uses hook-and-loop strip with adhesive to stabilize infant circuit.


  • Available in five sizes

Ordering Information

20240 nCPAP Cap (Size 0) 10/Box

20241 nCPAP Cap (Size 1) 10/Box

20242 nCPAP Cap (Size 2) 10/Box

20243 nCPAP Cap (Size 3) 10/Box

20244 nCPAP Cap (Size 4) 5/Box

20245 nCPAP Cap (Size 0) 100/Case

20246 nCPAP Cap (Size 1) 100/Case

20247 nCPAP Cap (Size 2) 100/Case

20248 nCPAP Cap (Size 3) 100/Case

20249 nCPAP Cap (Size 4) 50/Case

The nCPAP Cap™

Part # 20240 thru 20249

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