Precision Resistor Kit™

Ideal teaching tool demonstrates, simulates changes in resistance

B&B Precision Resistor Kit™ provides the healthcare practitioner with the needed adapters to demonstrate changes in airway resistance. The Precision Resistor Kit contains three resistors: Rp5, Rp20 and Rp50 and simulates nominal levels of resistance.

The Precision Resistor Kit used in tandem with the Test Lung, part number 20110 or 20120, is the ideal tool for teaching and demonstration of changes in resistance that simulate the change in resistance of the respiratory system of an adult or child.

The Precision Resistor Kit can be cleaned and sterilized.

B&B products are designed for ease of use, simplicity of operation and cost effective solutions for healthcare practitioners.


  • Easy To Use
  • Easy and quick application

Cost Effective

  • Complete Package of Three Resistors


  • Factory Calibrated
  • Can be Cleaned & Sterilized between Uses


  • Designed for use with demonstration of Ventilators in Respiratory Care departments, Clinical Teaching Areas and Biomedical Departments for testing of devices.

Ordering Information

20118 Precision Resistor Kit™ (1 each)

Precision Resistor Kit™

Precision Resistor Kit™
Part # 20118

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