HOPE™ Nebulizer Adult Kit

Includes everything needed for high output
continuous medication nebulizer delivery

The HOPE Nebulizer Kit has proven to be a cost effective solution for delivery of continuous medication for the treatment of moderate to severe life threatening asthma and COPD. The HOPE Kit is packaged with a HOPE nebulizer, adult aerosol mask, 6 feet of aerosol tubing and dosing chart. HOPE is a refillable, closed dilution, high output, large volume continuous medication nebulizer.


  • Easy and quick application for time sensitive conditions
  • Twist off Reservoir for easy medication changes
  • Standard Auxiliary Port for delivery of therapeutic gases

Cost Effective

  • Dosing chart provided with each HOPE Nebulizer
  • Delivers medication therapy and humidification for up to 8 hours
  • Complete Package


  • Rescue Therapy for Asthmatics and Obstructive Lung Disease Patients
  • Latex Free Solution
  • Easy to understand dosing chart
  • Allows clinician to add auxiliary gas flow without recalculation of medication
  • Hypoallergenic materials


  • Designed for use in the Critical Care Units, Emergency Department, Extended Care Clinics, Outpatient Clinics and in hospital Transport
  • Accommodates Auxiliary port for delivery of supplemental heliox gas for therapy

Ordering Information

11320 HOPE Nebulizer Adult Kit: Nebulizer, Aerosol Mask & 6’ Tubing


HOPE Nebulizer Adult Kit

HOPE™ Nebulizer Adult Kit
Part # 11320

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