Bite Proof Bite Block™ – Bite Block Solutions for ET Tube Protection

Provides unobstructed access to oral cavity;
perfect for short term intubations, procedures

Inadvertent biting on the endotracheal tube with resultant tube occlusion is a common problem associated with oral intubation, devices called “bite blocks” have been developed. The Bite Proof Bite Block™ protects the pilot balloon tube and prevents the patient from biting the endotracheal tube. The Bite Proof Bite Block allows for delivery of proper oral hygiene by providing unobstructed access to the oral cavity.

The Bite Proof Bite Block is placed on the endotracheal tube and the adhesive backed wing is placed on the patient’s cheek to secure the placement of the Bite Block. The Bite Proof Bite Block fits onto a 6 mm to 9.5 mm endotracheal tube and is typically used for short term intubations and procedures. It can also be used for protection of closed suction catheters, endoscopes, E-wall tubes, Bronchoscopes and oral gastric tubes. All B&B Bite Blocks are made of Latex Free material.

The B&B Bite Proof Bite Block is recommended to be used with all of the B&B Medical Technologies pre-cut endotracheal tube holders and other products and adhesive tapes used to secure and support the artificial airway.


  • Easy and quick application for time sensitive conditions
  • Designed for use with B&B Endotracheal tube holders and other commercially available securing devices

Cost Effective

  • Choice of Bite Block for short term application
  • Packaged with securing device


  • Latex Free Solution
  • Hypoallergenic materials for fragile skin
  • Provides convenient access for oral care, suctioning and procedures
  • Well-tolerated by patients


  • Designed for use in the Critical Care, Surgery, Emergency Room and Transport
  • Accommodates all endotracheal tube sizes 6 to 9.5 mm
  • Can be used in combination with B&B Endotracheal tube holders and other securing devices

Ordering Information

11040 Bite Proof Bite Block (100/case)

11045 Bite Proof Bite Block (50/box)

Bite Proof Bite Block™

Universal Bite Block (Pediatric)™
Part # 11040

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