B&B Adult Test Lung 1.0L™

Quality silicone lung provides nominal level of resistance; included elbow connector adapts to all patient circuits

The B&B Adult Test Lung 1.0 L provides an economical choice for providing high quality demonstration applications on mechanical ventilators for adult patients. The B&B Adult Test Lung simulates the respiratory system, providing nominal levels of resistance and compliance. Each comes packaged with a 1.0 latex-free silicone ventilation bag and an elbow connector. Each bag is durable, easily removable and can be cleaned or sterilized as needed. The B&B Adult Test Lung comes with a standard fitting 15 mm ID x 22 mm OD elbow connector that adapts to all patient circuits.

The B&B Adult Test Lung is compact in design and lightweight. It is the ideal tool for demonstrations in respiratory care, biomedical labs and anesthesia departments.

The complementary Precision Resistor Kit™, part number 20118, provides the healthcare practitioner with the needed adapters to demonstrate changes in airway resistance. The Kit contains three resistors: Rp5, Rp20 and Rp50. The Precision Resistor Kit can be cleaned and sterilized.

The B&B Adult Test Lung is the ideal tool for teaching and demonstration in addition to performing ventilator verification testing in the Respiratory Care, Biomedical Labs and Anesthesia departments.

B&B products are designed for ease of use, simplicity of operation and cost effective solutions for healthcare practitioners.


  • Easy To Use
  • Easy and quick application

Cost Effective

  • Complete Kit for demonstration of Ventilators, Anesthesia Equipment and Circuit Leaks


  • Latex free, hypoallergenic
  • Can be Cleaned & Sterilized between Uses


  • Designed for use with demonstration of Ventilators in Respiratory Care departments, Clinical Teaching Areas and Biomedical Departments for testing of devices.

Ordering Information

25405 B&B Adult Test Lung™ (1 each)

20116 Test Lung Connector Kit (1 each)

20118 Precision Resistor Kit (1 each)


B&B Adult Test Lung™ – 1.0L
Part # 25405

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