Heliox 70/30 DISS Regulator

Gives precise flow rates with constant flow;
compatible with Heliox therapy methods and outlet connections with DISS fittings

B&B 70/30 Heliox regulator (part number 11373) is a precision medical gas regulator that combines the calibrated “click style” outlet with barbed nipple for flows up to 25 LPM plus an additional 50 PSIG DISS male Air connector for ventilator and other high pressure applications. The 11373 has a built in unique color coded tank pressure indicator with a 0-3000 PSI operating range. The CGA connector has a special inlet filter and all-brass construction in the high-pressure zones. The regulator is a single stage, piston type, with backpressure compensation and internal relief valve. The “click style” flowmeter module offers 12 precise flow settings and will operate in any position or while moving. No conversion or calculation is needed to determine accurate Heliox flow.


  • Ease of set up with 70/30 Heliox H Tank
  • Permanent O-ring design eliminates need for a washer and provides a hand tight seal

Cost Effective

  • Complete system for delivery of constant flow Heliox gas delivery and high pressure hose barb
  • DISS check valves
  • Reduced cost of two separate regulators for low flow delivery and high pressure system


  • Calibrated for delivery of precise flow
  • No conversion or calculation of flow rate is indicated
  • MRI compatible


  • Intended for use with nebulizers and high pressure systems
  • Designed for use in Critical Care, Special Procedure Units and Emergency Departments
  • Impact resistant

Ordering Information

11373 70/30 Heliox DISS Regulator (1 each)

Heliox 70/30 DISS Regulator

Heliox 70/30 DISS Regulator
Part # 11373

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