B&B Medical Technologies Introduces Venti.Plus™ Single Pole Clamp and Venti.Plus™ Dual Pole Clamp

Carlsbad, California – April 6, 2010

Carlsbad, CA – B&B Medical Technologies’ new Venti.Plus Single Pole Clamp and Venti.Plus Dual Pole Clamp are strong, secure and designed to work in tandem with the Babi.Plus™ Bubble PAP Valve 0 – 10 cm H2O and other devices mounted to standard hospital IV and equipment poles. The Venti.Plus Single Pole Clamp supports up to 3 kg devices, just right for the Babi.Plus Bubble PAP valve. The Venti.Plus Dual Pole Clamp supports up to 10 kg, which allows mounting two devices such as the Babi.Plus Bubble PAP Valve and a heated humidifier to the same pole.

 The Venti.Plus Pole Clamps are ISO compliant for universal compatibility and are easily cleaned between uses. The Pole Clamps are convenient, versatile and quickly secured with a thumb screw mechanism for positive attachment to most standard IV and equipment poles. The unique Pole Clamps provide a cost effective, multiple device mounting solution for respiratory care departments seeking to find budget efficiencies.

The Venti.Plus pole clamps are a complementary product of the Babi.Plus Bubble PAP Valve product line, and are available separately.

About B&B Medical Technologies
Since 1985, B&B Medical Technologies has developed clinically proven endotracheal tube holders, tracheostomy anti-disconnect devices and nebulizers for adult, pediatric and infant patients. B&B products offer versatile applications for critical care, anesthesia, emergency, transport, home care and alternate site care. In addition to the new Venti.Plus Pole Clamps, B&B Medical Technologies’ product line includes the Babi.Plus PAP Valve, Sil.Flex™ Stoma Pad,  StabilTube™, LockTite™, E.T.Tape™, Bite Blocks, TrachGuard™, TrachStay™, NEO2-Safe™, The Test Lung™ and the HOPE™ Nebulizer. B&B products stand the test of time for safety, versatility, convenience and cost-effectiveness.

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