Babi.Plus® nCPAP Nasal Kit

Complete infant nasal cannula kit

Babi.Plus provides a safe and comfortable way to deliver nasal CPAP to neonates and infants less than 10 kg. The contoured nasal prongs and cannula body—made of soft, non-reactive silicone—may be trimmed for a custom fit to improve stability during the course of therapy. The integrated pressure-monitoring line allows monitoring of proximal airway without having lines near the face.

Babi.Plus Cannulae are offered in eight sizes for patients up to 10 kg. The Small Cannula Kit contains four different sized nasal prongs for patients less than 2 kg, including a unique Size 0 cannula with nasal prongs 2.8 mm in diameter. The Large Cannula Kit contains four different sized nasal prongs for patients ranging from 2 kg up to 10 kg. Each kit comes complete with inspiratory and expiratory circuit, pressure monitoring line, knit cap, hook fastener strip, two 10mm tube securing clips with loop fasteners, prong sizing guide and directions for use.


  • Complete package ready for immediate set up of nCPAP interface
  • Detachable tube clips for adjusting tube positioning for better stabilization
  • Prong sizing guide to determine best prong size
  • Directions for trimming cannulae included with product instructions

Cost Effective

  • Eliminates time-consuming tasks normally associated with acquiring components for assembly of nCPAP system
  • Color-coded inspiratory and expiratory tubing compatible with different types of heated and non-heated circuits


  • Accurate method to deliver nasal CPAP in infants weighing less than 10 kg
  • Latex- and phthalate-free material
  • Proximal airway pressure without having lines near infant’s face
  • Soft silicone minimizes skin irritation


  • Cannulae available in eight sizes for patients up to 10kg
  • For use in NICU, delivery rooms, and pediatric critical care units
  • Soft cannula may be altered to custom fit

Ordering Information

20216 Babi.Plus nCPAP Nasal Kit (Small) (12/box)

20217 Babi.Plus nCPAP Nasal Kit (Large) (12/box)

20218 Babi.Plus nCPAP Nasal Kit (Small) (24/case)

20219 Babi.Plus nCPAP Nasal Kit (Large) (24/case)

Babi.Plus® nCPAP Nasal Kit

Babi.Plus® nCPAP Nasal Kit
Part # 20218 (Small)
Part # 20219 (Large)

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