Accutach™ Pneumotach Flow Sensor

Accurate and reliable flow rate monitoring for pediatric and adult patients

The Accutach sensor is a latex free, hypo-allergenic, flow sensing device. When placed in the line of the ventilator circuit the sensor accurately measures flow, volume, and pressures delivered to the patient.

This disposable device provides differential pressure signals through the sensor ranges, precisely measuring ventilator settings and assuring the integrity of the patient circuit. The Accutach operates at the distal end of the ventilator circuit, locate between the patient Y and the endotracheal tube. The small dead space of 11 cc and the Accutach’s light weight provide ideal patient monitoring. The Accutach comes as a complete package with a Flow Sensor, a pair of 72-inch color-coded ventilator panel lines, a 15 mm ID – 22 mm OD adaptor, and a 22 mm tubing clip.

Each device is packaged clean and must be calibrated prior to use. The Accutach was designed to work with the H7200 VR-1 monitor and the Galileo®, Amadeus®, Veolar®, Raphael®, G5® and C-2® ventilators. The Accutach can be used for pediatric and adult patients.


  • Color-coded ventilator panel lines for ease of application
  • Tubing Clip prevents inadvertent kinking

Cost Effective

  • Complete package with Flow Sensor, adaptor, ventilator panel lines, and tubing clip
  • An inexpensive method of obtaining ventilator-measured values


  • Latex free, hypo-allergenic materials
  • Accurate and reliable flow rate measurement


  • Can be used for pediatric and adult patients
  • Designed to work with the H7200 VR-1 monitor and the Galileo, Amadeus, Veolar, Raphael, G-5, and C-2 ventilators

Ordering Information

25250 Accutach Flow Sensor (50/case)

Accutach™ Flow Sensor
Part # 25250

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